mConveyor version 4.2

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Conveyor Capacity Get capacity results without entering power data. Full load is always calculated for comparison. User defined idler shape Use metric units or U.S. units Inputs retained from session to session. Shows % of full capacity at design input capacity. Material load cross-section areas. Edge distance. Depth at skirt boards.
Unit load on belt.
Load width.
Automatically switches to fully skirted conveyor.
Special treatment of belt feeder capacity.

Power and Tension: ; ; ; ; ; ;
Selectable: Metric units, U.S. units or metric only.
User selected metric force and speed units.
Data retained to reduce input work.
Rapid review and edit of 26 retained data input items available.

Selectable display of input and calculated data.
Drag any of 31 input and 48 calculated items to display.

Treats all conveyors as single flight, reducing input work.
Select downhill conveyor as regenerative or powered.
User adjustable idler bearing drag factor.
User adjustable carry side conveyor drag factor.

Calculates power, loaded and empty,
Tensions at terminals T1 and T2,
Conveyor resistance details and summaries,
Belt and equipment quantities.


Printed output.
Create text file for import into any estimating program.
Internally translatable to any single byte language.
User selected decimal separator
Generally conforms to CEMA method of conveyor calculations.
Is suitable for any belt conveyor.
Handles fully skirted conveyors and conveyor-type feeders.

Operating instructions