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Types of Strapping

Strapping is a practice used to tie together and guarantee a bundle of items near each other. Things need to be fastened in bundles to save space and ensure their safety whether they are for shipping or just storing. Strapping makes it easier for you to locate an item faster whenever you need it. Strapping can hold even bigger shipments together according to on the strapping used. Here are the types of strapping you can choose from:

Steel strapping

Steel strapSteel strappingping is preferred when the load is to be tied for hefty shipment. It is the strapping that works well with items that will not easily change shape in the shipping process. Whether the heavy goods are being transported for just a short distance, steel strapping should be given priority. Although steel is powerful because of its ability to maintain its shape, the strappings become loose when the palette shifts or settles in the shipment process. However, steel is so powerful that it can withstand massive amounts of tension.

Steel strapping is of two tensile strengths; regular and high tensile. For regular duty, a carbon strapping is used for the medium to low applications such as bundling, package reinforcement, palletising, box closures, etc. For high tensile steel strapping, a high carbon strapping is used for heavy usages such as unitizing compressed fibers, securing steel coils, trailer loading, etc.

Polyester strapping

For heavy loads that can settle or shift during transportation, choose polyester strapping. It is constituted of a stronger plastic. Regarding functioning, it functions the same as steel strapping, but for the fact that it is for the medium-duty applications. Contours of the pallets can be altered when goods settle or change in the shipment process.

Due to its ability to stretch at a speed of 8-10%, polyester models to the form of the changing palette. This modeling ensures absolute protection of the load. Polyester strapping is also preferred when the strapping is being done by hand strapping tools because it is light. It is also cheaper than steel.

Polypropylene strapping

For light to medium-weight goods, polypropylene is the best option. Though also made of plastic, the plastic is less strong than that in polyester. Polypropylene can be used for both hand strapping tools and machine strapping. Polypropylene straps are amazingly flexible to use.

PolypropyleSteel strapping a boxne binds to the cargo whenever these light to medium weight bundles shift and settle, thus ensuring their safety. This strapping is especially suitable for paper or paper products, dried goods, and frozen food products’ shipment. Polypropylene comes in a variety of colors and can be a choice for those who want to put a touch of color code on their cargo. Selecting the strapping to use on your products can be a very challenging task. However, to make it easier, just decide what will work best for you based on product type, product weight, whether or not the product will be shifted around while strapped, and the period you expect the bundle to remain strapped.

The type of strapping chosen should not just depend on costs involved or efficiency. It should go beyond this and ensure the safety of the products during shipment. You can get a strapping machine from Packline Solutions. At the end of the day, all you want to see is your shipment arriving without damage.…


Top phones to get

Finding a beautiful gift for your loved ones can be a bit challenging. Especially, if you’re loved one’s love technology. Every year is a bit different with new gadgets coming out and it is hard to keep track of which ones are trendy. We are here to help make your life comfortable and provide you with the top gadgets for the year.

Best Mobile Phones

Apple iPhone 5iphones

The Apple iPhone 5 is here, and it has done very well as expected. It has been sold out at numerous stores, and there have been lines of people waiting at stores to be the first to get their hands on the coveted iPhone 5. A lot of people are in agreement that the long wait was well worth it. There have been some mishaps, controversies, and departures of high-level executives that were forced to leave the company. One thing for sure is that Apple always creates a lot of buzzes and a lot of sales.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

No another form factor in the market is equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Is it a cell phone, is it a tablet? Whatever you want to call it, this hybrid is truly unique, dynamic, and very popular with consumers. No other technology in the market indeed makes us this excited when it comes to the different types of things that you can do with just one mobile device. You can take notes, watch movies, take pictures, play video games, check your emails, and make phone calls.

Nook HD

The Amazon Kindle HD’s biggest rival is back with a brand new Nook that is ready to make Amazon cringe in their seat as the reading platform of choice for people for all ages. Barnes and Nobles (BN) did a great job in the product development of this 7-inch tablet that delivers a high-quality tablet and content at a high price. Make your life happier with these top four gadgets.

Google Nexus

After much success of the highly anticipated Goowoman holding a phonegle Nexus 7 that was released earlier in the year, Google has released the Nexus 10to round out their product portfolio. The Nexus 10 has been a big hit so far and is currently sold out at the Google Play store. The Nexus 10 has the latest Android 4.2 operating system that is super-fast and very responsive. The tablet is integrated with Google Play which is their online store that you can purchase your applications, movies, music, and more.…