sitting on Y- Chair

An Eye At Wegner’s Y – Chair

The Y – Chair stands tall as far as designer furniture are concerned. It is a popular piece of furniture in high-end places like restaurants and high-end homes. Wegner embraced the use of high-end material for the chair.
Wegner who was initailly a cabinetmaker opened his own design office and later designed the CH-24 chair as one of the many pieces he made. The website has more information on the chair as well as other designs. The chair has various uses as follows.

Places where the Y- Chair is used


Y- Chair in restaurant The chair is popular for an open restaurant or umbrella-shaded seating areas. The Eatery joints which value class and design cherish this kind of chair. It is an art with fine finishing, and the designer’s intention was to make it last for many years. It is easy to move inside then the restaurant is closing due to its light nature. It is barely impossible to get complaints from the customers as the chair is very comfortable.



People prefer having sofas and couches for the sitting area. But when it comes to the dining area, considering a Y-chair is an excellent choice. It is a great design for all visitors and family members to enjoy and cherish. It can also be used on the balcony for coffee or unwinding drink amid a chat. It offers great relaxation any moment, therefore, making a perfect chair for bedside book reading.


Y- ChairOffice

It is rare to find designer themed office, but when you come across one, the CH-24 chair would be one of them. It may not be used as the behind the desk chair but make a perfect choice for the guest chair. For people who value space and are privileged to have a big office, then the Y-chairs can be used in a corner to be used during a chat with a guest. Any visitor or potential client will enjoy striking a deal with you away from the workstation, and enjoying a drink on this piece.


Most four and five-star hotels value futuristic designer work that makes them unique and portrays a specific theme. Therefore, it is a popular to find the Y-chair in the hotel rooms at the coffee corner of the deluxe rooms. It can also be used at the lobby area together with other assorted furniture. The beach hotels would also perfectly use the chair at the balcony facing the beach side for relation.